Bad Government

Bad Government

A politically incorrect satire text based roguelite game.

This is a politically incorrect satire text based roguelite game. And you are in charge. You are the head of the state. Now try to get more powerful (what else)!

But be careful! You have to balance the favor of the people and the elites likewise, or they will kill you!

Also, you have to keep an eye on your budget and debt. Invest in gold and in military power. Your ministers will present you recommendet options, and all kind of individuals will come to you with their special interest.
Activists, lobbyists, your neighbors, the deep state, contract killers and even gold-loving aliens. At the end of the day YOU have to decide… well most of the time at least.

You make the decisions, you choose the policies, but you are also responsible to keep balance!

So why…
– Politically incorrect:
Governments would never do things like those in the game (or would they?!)

– Satire
Because why so serious about everything?

– Text based
There is a lot to read.

– Roguelite
The game has roguelite elements (randomness, perma-death, meta progression)

– Game
It’s just a game.

I love any kind of feedback:
Also please send all bugs, glitches and typos, if you encounter one, I will try to fix them asap 🙂