Battle for Gaming Release – PRESS KIT

Battle for Gaming Release – A parody of the gaming industries monetization schemes

Release Trailer

VIENNA January 2019: Press Kit for the release of the game Battle for Gaming.

I am happy to announce the release of my game “Batte for Gaming”. A parody of most of the gaming industries monetization schemes.

With this game the player gets full access to our shop, our Lootboxes, our DLC management system and our Live Services.

We want that the player feels pride and accomplishment from getting upgrades through DLCs, Lootboxes and Live Services.

The Developer

All that additional monetization is totally necessary for this day and age, because of the immense and constant rising costs of video game development.

The Developer

Game Features:

  • Shoot hostile Lootboxes in the face. But be aware, they might shoot back
  • Upgrade your character through DLC fragments, Lootboxes and Live Services
  • Earn “Different Currencies” (DCs – the in-game currency) through kill combos and melee attacks
  • Every dollar spent on this game is guaranteed a dollar NOT spent on an actual Lootbox or other Live Service

You can download the game on Steam.

More information you find on the website.

Press Contact:

Name: Stefan
Press Kit: Link

Battle for Gaming Release
Battle for Gaming Release

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