Grocery Shopping List Planner

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Did you ever stand in the grocery store or the supermarket and ask yourself what you should cook this week and what you should buy for it? And got nothing but a “I don’t know” as an answer? Well with this App you can avoid those questions in the future.

Grocery Shopping List Planner helps you to make your grocery shopping list as fast as possible. Shopping groceries will be easier than ever.

Add your personal Meals one time, and select them, whenever you want to go shopping. Grocery Shopping List Planner will create the grocery shopping list accordingly.

You can also add temporary items to your shopping list, so you have everything in one place.

The focus of Grocery Shopping List Planner is on simplicity. No unnecessary cluttering. Everything works offline. No login is required.
I will keep working on this app to improve it so please send any suggestions to

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